Cultivation and harvest

Using modern cultivation and harvesting techniques, combined with our many years of experience, guarantees that we produce the highest rice quality time after time.

Quality Control

Love and passion for our work together with the care and attention to our rice processing are just some of our many strengths. BRC, IFS and ISO 22000 Certifications are testament to these facts.

Selected varieties

Thanks to our years of experience, we have the knowledge that enables us to select the best varieties for our portfolio for a broad variety of applications, ranging from brown rice to risotto or even sushi.

Rice passion dates back over 60 years

For over 60 years our passion for rice has resulted in us continuously innovating and improving our rice milling expertise and understanding what varieties are best for all kinds of different application. Rice: The cereal par-excellence in the world, but also the cereal with such a broad diversity of characteristics that gives it a wide range of exclusive feature.