In modern business the assurance of a product that meets high quality and safety standards are the starting point for the future market development; Mundi Riso has decided to certify its factory according to the highest standards BRC, IFS and ISO 22000 by SGS, the certification Authority known worldwide. For the production and the development of organic rice Mundiriso is certified by Bio Agricert. Key points for the qualitative development of our company are:

  • Implementation of HACCP System and Quality Management

  • Awareness of Hygiene, Structural and Functionality requisites

  • Product, Milling process and HR control

Certification: International Food Standard

Certification: Global Standard for Food Safety

Certification: Certificazione ISO 22.000

In 2005 Mundi Riso obtained the certification for the production of organic rice, certifying its structure according to the EC 2092/91 / EC Regulation now replaced by reg. 834/07. This certification have been issued by Bioagricert an Italian independent Authority which guarantees the correct application of the organic production process.

Certification: Organic Product Certification

Faced to a growing market demand, Mundi Riso chosen to certify its products also under the Kosher brand.

Kosher is “The set of seligious rules governing the nutrition of observant Jews. The hebrew word “Kasher O Kosher” means complying with the Law, permitted, The main rules comes from the Bible – the Torah “.

Certification: Kosher Certification