Our Rice

Mundi Riso’s position in the heart of the European Rice growing capital enables us to offer our customers a wide variety of milled rice, all sourced from the manufacture of raw materials grown and controlled in Italy.
The milling process takes place using leading technology and quality control of the highest industrial standard in every production step. The result is the creation of the perfect rice to meet our customer’s requirements. Not a standard product, but a real rice “tailored” for each particular application.

Milling degrees

All varieties of rice can be produced using the appropriate milling process:
– Milled Rice: white rice, with the husk and bran layer removed.
– Semi-Milled rice: without husk and a residual part of the bran layer.
– Brown or Cargo rice: deprived of husk but not of the bran In this way all nutritional properties of the cereal are untouched so not treated with the ‘whitening’ process.

Rice Tipes

riso-arborio Large and long grains, with a high starch content; ideal for risotto. It significantly increases its volume during cooking by absorbing water up to five times the equivalent of its weight. It is the most loved and well known Italian variety abroad.
riso-baldo-camolino The grains are large, translucent and very consistent. Rich in starch, it has a great absorption capacity, it is perfect for the preparation of risotto and for cooking in the oven. After Carnaroli, it is the preferred variety for risotto. Also available in Camolino.
riso-basmati Indian native varieties, from the Punjab region and from Pakistan. It has long and slender grains and releases a unique aroma during cooking. It is ideal for the preparation of oriental dishes.
riso-carnaroli This variety has large grains, consistent, and spindly, richer in starch than arborio. Carnaroli rice has a greater amount of amylose which allows it to be the rice for excellence in the preparation of risotto. The “King of rice”, as commonly called, easily absorbs odors and binds perfectly to the ingredients.
riso-camolino This is a variety of long grain and spindly rice, in the ‘Long A’ group of rice. Good resistance during cooking, ideal for the preparation of rice timbale and baked. Also available in Camolino.
riso-roma This variety has long grains, big and roundish. Extremely versatile, it can be used for the preparation of different dishes.
riso-sant-andrea This variety is recognized for the long and full-bodied grains. With its high content of starch is particularly suggested for the preparation of soups, but also of flans and cakes. It absorbs seasoning very well.
riso-sushi Our sushi rice range is something that we’re very proud of. The diffusion of Japanese cuisine and in particular of sushi, lead us to conduct an in depth study to find an ideal type of rice for the preparation of this healthy dish. Cooperation with Japanese chefs has driven us to achieve a great product for this type of application. From 2010 till now we boast among our customers some of the most important sushi industries in Europe. The great satisfaction of our customers around this rice let us expand our production line in order to reach the wholesale market and restaurant chains through the packaging in 20, 10 and 5 kg with our 2 brands New Kenji and Sekai. We can boast among our clients many large restaurant chains that offer their customers a sushi prepared with Italian rice of the highest added value.
riso-thai This variety has a long and crystal grain. It’s mainly used as a side dish, as they consume in the east. Perfect as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables.
riso-tondo It has small and round grains. In Italy it is mainly used for the preparation of soups. Its resistance to cooking. makes it ideal for desserts and preparation of famous arancini. Abroad it is used for porridge and for rice milk industries, brown milled for biscuits, semi-milled for rice crispies.


All our products are available in the packaging here under described and moreover in private label version.

Big Bag 1.000 kg

Bags Unbrended
Bags 20 and 25 Kg

Mundi Riso
Bags 5 and 10 Kg

Sekai (Premium Sushi)
Bags 5, 10 and 20 Kg

New Kenji (Sushi)
Bags 5, 10 and 20Kg

Organic Rice

Following the special attention of consumers towards healthy and quality food, since 2005 Mundi Riso has been certified for the production of organic rice. All our products are also available in Organic.